DIY Desktop Christmas Tree

DIY Desktop Christmas Tree

Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes. Now you can make your own for your desktop with our 3D printed design. Decorations are also included with a light up star courtesy of a LED light star at the top of the tree. add any more mini decorations as you like and enjoy the tree every holiday year after year. Read on below and find out how you can make a desktop Christmas tree for your home or office.

Download print plans for the DIY Christmas tree at GadgetsThatGo @


1. Connect the tree trunks with the four circular branches in between arranged incrementally by size so that the largest is on the bottom trunk and the smallest on the top.

2. Connect the tree top section above the last tree trunk.

3. Slide an LED into the star and solder the ends to two wires that will protrude from each end of the trunk by at least a few inches.

4.Slide both wires through top on through the bottom and through the first base piece attaching it to the bottom of the last tree trunk after the wire passes through.

5. To keep everything compact, I have used a CR32 watch battery that fits between the bases. After removing the plastic covering around the last half inch of wire run one wire above the battery and run the second wire into the channel on the bottom base under the battery. Close the connection by attaching the bottom base to the top and the Christmas tree star should light up for you.


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