Building Better Robotics Platforms Together

Gadgets That Go will be launching a versatile robotics platform and we are asking for your help to get it started. We want to start building and improving upon the hobbyists selection for robotics platform. In short, I saw a lot of cool electronics and robotics projects out there that were one off builds but imagined many others out there who would also enjoy them. So I decided to share my builds as kits through Gadgets That Go. 

What Exactly Are We Building?

Our first two completed bots are the spider and mantis bots shown above. We are also beginning to work on making it even better with our drone version shown below. We feel the addition of a programmable drone would demonstrate further how versatile our platform is.


How Can I Get Involved?

If you are interested in being one of the first to own the platform we will be selling them through our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. To keep updated on when you can get your hands on one and other details sign up for our newsletter near the bottom of our homepage or keep up with our Kickstarter Updates Blog.


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Building Better Robotics Platforms Together