Electronic Components

From microcontrollers to batteries, GadgetsThatGo.com offers the best value in affordable electronics components for your next electronics project or robotics project. Our basic programmable electronics have been selected for use in our own robotics platforms. You can also use them to bring your own ideas to life.

For those new to electronics or programming, we offer directions and examples on our how-to blog. We are constantly adding more electronics components and blogs - so be sure to check back for new additions.

Waiting for components can put serious breaks on any project, so we ship all items within 24 hours. If you're in the US, fast and affordable can be hard to come by when selecting the right electronics product. Another obstacle for those with unsteady hands may be soldering the smaller components. At GadgetsThatGo.com we offer soldering on all applicable parts and affordable prices and we do it all from the USA.