About Us

Gadgets That Go is a young company. We plan on bringing you our best ideas and projects in the form of products that we hope you will enjoy as much as we have making them.

Our vision is for an affordable, easy to use, and expandable robotics platform. We feel this will allow everyone to bring their ideas to life using our platforms whether it be with one robot or multiple robots communicating to perform useful functions. 

STEM Education and Teacher Resource

Our planned robot platforms also serve as a great teaching tool for STEM education. I can attest as I have learned much myself putting them together... many failures have brought me to the reasons and science behind why my original plans and designs didn't work. We feel students will have the same learning experiences when working with, assembling, and programming our robotic platform. 

Upcoming - a sneak peek of what we're working on.

Gadgets That Go Spider Bot Head On

Gadgets That Go | Spider Bot - Front

Gadgets That Go Spider Bot Top View

Gadgets That Go | Spider Bot - Top

Based out of Rockledge, FL - Gadgets That Go currently sells WeMos brand electronic components. In the near future, we are starting a Kickstarter campaign to also bring you a robotics design we have been working on for the past year. This should help cure the "What can I do with a WeMos board and shields" question you might be having.