Introducing the Beetle Bot

Beetle Robot from Gadgets That Go
Robot Characteristics
  • Speed
  • Turning
  • Climb
  • Expandability
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Ease of Use

Beetle Robot Side View
Beetle Robot Front View
Beetle Robot Rear View

The Beetle Bot Robotic Platform offers a unique robotics kit that is fully programmable and Arduino Compatible. And the best part is it moves like a Beetle. The kit will come with everything you will need to build and program your own. The robot moves with the assistance of two high torque metal geared electric motors. The drive legs are controlled with the WeMos Motor Shield and D1 Mini which give you the ability to program the speed and direction of the robot - operating much like a tank or zero turn lawnmower. 

The speed of the Beetle Bot is not as fast as a wheeled bot but it's difficult to get more efficient than the wheel, 6.5/10

I gave the turning ability a 10/10. This is due to the ability to easily control the turn well enough to turn where it stands. Plus it just looks cool when it's turning.

Unexpectedly, the robot handled the inclines very well, not losing or sliding back on a fair incline, 7.5/10.

The whole purpose of our platforms is to allow you to improve upon them with your own wants and needs. This is why we include things you will need for other options moving forward such as the distance sensor holder. Hopefully it will become your best tool in bringing your own ideas and creations into existence. Definitely 10/10 to me.

I gave a 7.5/10 on the indoor portion because although the robot handles well on carpet there are moments where a deep carpet can give it some trouble. Not enough enough to count carpet out of use but not as enjoyable if it is shag carpeting you are operating on.

Outdoor as you may have guessed may be totally dependent on pavement, this Beetle doesn't fair well on grass. But any smooth solid ground will work. so... 2.5/10.

Ease of Use
So how easy was it to put together? Well, there is an order into putting some parts together, because of this I give it a 6.5/10 .

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