Mantis Robot

Mantis Robot
Robot Characteristics
  • Speed
  • Turning
  • Climb
  • Expandability
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Ease of Use
Mantis Robot Side View
Mantis Robot Front View
Mantis Robot Rear View

The Mantis Bot Robotic Platform is a quick and powerful wheeled robot kit, which comes with everything you will need to build and program your own. The robot is moved with the assistance of two high torque metal geared electric motors. The drive wheels are controlled with the WeMos Motor Shield and D1 Mini which give you the ability to program the speed and direction of the robot with just the two drive wheels - operating much like a tank or zero turn radius lawnmower. 

The speed of the Mantis is a full 10/10 as it is harder to get any faster than two high torque drive motors connected to the provided RC racing wheels and tires.

We gave the turning ability a 9.5/10. due to the drive mechanism being setup much like a tank turning on less than a dime becomes possible and impossible to beat.

While I was testing out how well the Mantis could scale an incline it was clear that steep wasn't a problem. But, unfortunately the front part of the Mantis pulling away from the ramp and the robot performing backflips down the ramp was a problem. because of this, I gave the climb a 9.5/10 rating, although durability 10/10 come to think about it.

The whole purpose of our platforms is to allow you to improve upon them with your own wants and needs. This is why we include things you will need for other options you may need moving forward such as the distance sensor holder. Hopefully it will become your best tool in bringing your own ideas and creations into existence. Definitely 10/10 to me.

Operating the robot indoors is not a problem. The Mantis can handle any type of indoor from terrain from deep carpet to tile. I have not tried the it on stairs although am pretty sure that it probably wouldn't be a good fit, perhaps better than an ED209 though.

Our first set of robots, which include the Mantis are built more for indoor usage so outdoor terrain like deep grass or gravel will not work well with them. I have been thinking about scaling up and creating outdoor versions but this may be sometime in the future.

Ease of Use

The Mantis is the easiest of our robots to assemble. It has less moving parts then the legged version robots - leaving less to go wrong as well. For this reason I give it a 7.5/10.
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